Feeding your Bergamasco Sheepdog:


We feed a high quality foods that optimizes the health of the puppies and later as adult dogs.
Whenever changing to another type of food, ensure the change is gradual. Bergamasco can be fussy eaters and your puppy might go on a hunger strike for several days, which can be detrimental to her health.
We will advise on the best diets, but always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Always make sure there is a constant supply of clean fresh water available to your puppy at all times.
Puppies are on three meals a day. Keep this schedule up until six months of age, then put her on twice a day with adult food.

Recommended Diets:


Granular: Abady:  www.abadyfeeds.com/  (available in many pet stores or on line in many stores: www.fordogsake.com/  )

Kibble and can: Abady, Origen, Acana, Timberwolf Organics

Raw food diets: Abady, Bravo, Barf, Oma's pride

Freeze dry raw: Stella and Chewy ( http://www.stellaandchewys.com/ ) , Vital essentials (http://www.vitalessentialsraw.com/)

Supplements: Green beef trip from: Abady, Tripett  or Merrick